Saturday, January 12, 2013

Extra updates!!

Here is the update to the January flower "carnation" that I am doing from the designer Maurer-Stroh.  Its a pretty quick stitch.  I think this is my 2nd or 3rd day.  I would say 2nd because I had to get the right colors and didn't do that til last night.  Almost finished with the greens and then bring on the pinks!!!!

Still working on her dress....should take too much longer on this part.  My eyes just get so tired of looking at the same butter hue of yellow!!

Finally finished August!!! Tomorrow I will start on September and work on the carnations above too.  Two in one day...Oh my!!

Not a stitch...but it sure comes in handy when I go shopping.  Kind of.  I can see a "pattern" here though.  I had a list of the colors I needed and I had this check off list with me too.  So I got the color I needed and the ones around it too! HAHA! I need to take a new picture of this as I have more crossed off of my "needs"!

Not much has changed on this one as it was my first to work on this month.  Trying to do something new each day!

I think my 15 projects are going to evolve some.  I know I am going to finish the ones I have already started but I thinking of doing the teapot collection and wreath collection in the 365 Tiny Cross Stitch book.  If I add them all up I think it will be over 36 projects. because I would count each month's project as 1. LOL!  I'm a cheater I know it!

Go by Amazon and check out this won't be disappointed I promise!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

changing challenges

I keep changing my mind on what I want to do??  I have the same WIPs that have to be finished and I will continue to work on those.  But I really like another flower sampler that I found on the maurer-stroh site!  And then in my Tiny Cross Stitch designs I like the wreath and teapot samplers too!

Ugh...the tragedies in life's big decisions!!!

Friday, January 4, 2013

3 days of Challenges

Yes, its been 3 days of challenges and I am hoping the challenge doesn't challenge itself out too quickly!

I made my list of challenges for the year and yes, we are "supposed" to start a new one each day for the first 15 days but finances are tight and I am going to have to wait to purchase the cottages that I have on my list.  And I am ok with that!  I think I am set with all the floss I need to finish up the 3 WIPs I began working on again.  I have the supplies to work on the 2 tribal patterns.  And then the Seasonal one is the only one I have not really thought about yet.
This evening this kids were such big helpers in getting the study all ready for both homeschool lessons and for cross stitching.  Feels good to have order again!  Also feels good to have the Roku for nights when not much is on the tele.

Here are my 3 days worth of progress:

Day 3:  This has been an almost 3 year project as I have said before...I take long breaks at times!  This one will be one of the first ones finished I think!

Day 2: Country Bloomers.  I should have frogged a lot of spots on this one.  But you won't be able to tell unless I point it out to you.  I will adapt it!

Day 1:  Legend of the Dogwood.  I am glad I am switching up my projects daily because this one gets to be boring at times with the colors being so similar.  Its a beautiful piece and can't wait to see more details!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Heaven and Earth Designs

I never considered or even had the inkling to want to do one of these designs because it seems so far from my skill level.  But I was scrolling through some facebook group sites and found this pattern and I LOVE it!  I am not much of an owl lover like some but I do like them.  But look of the owls has a starbucks cup! HAHA!

Heaven and Earth Designs

Autumn Owl Trio

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

A blog hop post...something new!

Trying out something new today.  I really enjoy reading other blogs.  Not just stitching blogs but other blogs that interest me.  Honestly, that is how I end my day is by reading blogs on my kindle.

Here is the prompt:

What was your biggest stitching accomplishment in 2012? 
What was your favorite stash acquisition in 2012 and will you be using it in 2013?

I think everyone has now seen my big project that I finished this year after 3 years of hard work (and lots of long breaks).
If you haven' it is.  This is Dog Bone Wisdom.  Many people would say to me, "You must really love your dog!"  Actually, I don't own a dog and never have.  We have had a few strays come through we feed them and off they go.  But my husband doesn't like inside animals so we try and keep them to pets in cages...hamsters, fish, guinea pigs and he brought home birds once too!

I had took part in a "Stashmas" on the's site this past year and the object was to post what we would like and they did the same.  We were matched according to where we were willing to ship to I think...but it worked perfectly!  I had been eyeballing some tribal charts that I really wanted to get!  So I chose two charts from  I wanted to get the penguin and the Shamu whale!  Not only did she send those but she sent matching floss and some beautiful linen to complement the patterns!  Here are the pictures from the White Willow site:
Tribal PenguinTribal Orca
Aren't they the cutest! I noticed there were new tribal patterns online...I think they could become addictive if I am not careful but I am loving the pink flamingo!!!

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