Friday, January 4, 2013

3 days of Challenges

Yes, its been 3 days of challenges and I am hoping the challenge doesn't challenge itself out too quickly!

I made my list of challenges for the year and yes, we are "supposed" to start a new one each day for the first 15 days but finances are tight and I am going to have to wait to purchase the cottages that I have on my list.  And I am ok with that!  I think I am set with all the floss I need to finish up the 3 WIPs I began working on again.  I have the supplies to work on the 2 tribal patterns.  And then the Seasonal one is the only one I have not really thought about yet.
This evening this kids were such big helpers in getting the study all ready for both homeschool lessons and for cross stitching.  Feels good to have order again!  Also feels good to have the Roku for nights when not much is on the tele.

Here are my 3 days worth of progress:

Day 3:  This has been an almost 3 year project as I have said before...I take long breaks at times!  This one will be one of the first ones finished I think!

Day 2: Country Bloomers.  I should have frogged a lot of spots on this one.  But you won't be able to tell unless I point it out to you.  I will adapt it!

Day 1:  Legend of the Dogwood.  I am glad I am switching up my projects daily because this one gets to be boring at times with the colors being so similar.  Its a beautiful piece and can't wait to see more details!


  1. Great starts, looking forward to seeing them come together. I'm doing more of a turtle trot sal over on my blog as opposed to the crazy challenge.

  2. Great progress on all the pieces. I love them all.


  3. Three wonderful projects to start the New Year! The monthly designs are so pretty with the specialty stitches too.