Monday, December 17, 2012

December 17 evening

Long day with doctor appointments and mri's.  I was happy to come home to my stitching.  I missed it all day but knew I wouldn't have time to work on it if I brought it with me.  So here is tonight's update:


  1. You're making great progress! It's always nice to finish the day with stitching!

  2. Great progress. Hope all your appointments went okay.


  3. Good start on this now. Maybe you'll have some more stitching time as a Christmas present?

  4. Thanks ladies! Appointments have done ok. Daughter has some additional testing coming up soon. I have one more appointment this Thursday and that is it for awhile. As for stitching I wish I had it with me today at the clinic since I waited (I'm not impatient so its ok) for an hour. But those times make me miss stitching time! I will get more done in the morning! :)