Sunday, December 16, 2012

One leads to another

I am doing the blog hopping thing tonight.  I stitched some tomorrow and will send an update tomorrow night when we get home.  We have a morning of appointments for our oldest daughter.  Plus, its getting late and I will probably be in bed sooner than later!  But I am craving a spaghetti squash right now!  Yum!

Keep up the stitching everyone!  I am thinking of doing the TUSAL I see everyone has been collecting!  I have a bunch ready already!! :)  Also looking at the 2013Wipocalypse? I think I spelled that right!  Lots to explore.  One site leads to another that leads to another and the next thing you know....its MIDNIGHT! :)

Our youngest son was out on a nice ride tonight with dad!


  1. Looks like a beautiful place to ride. Thanks for sharing your pics

  2. Love the arch of lights that they are standing under.


  3. lol The blog hopping is endless:) Great stitching.

  4. Going from one blog to another does let you find many fun things.