Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Morning, Sunshine!

Good Morning! Shunshine!

I know its been awhile but I have been through several hospitalizations and a residential treatment center for my anorexia.  Things are progressing slowly with daily setbacks but each day is a  new one and I can only hope for another day to do better in my recovery.   When I struggle I am at least able to recognize it and try to redirect myself using coping skills or some talk therapy.  Grateful for a wonderful new therapist, great friends and a lovely, supportive family.

Here is my latest project...its crochet!  I am still stitching but right now I am using the hook and it is one of my coping skills.  A nice glow of morning sunrise on my single crochets!! Yay!

This cartoon ties in with my treatment center, recovery and crochet!  
Nobody wants to be just happens!

 This is why I like to watch mindless tv. 
I can crochet or stitch and listen to the tv and not have to look up at it to know what's going on.  
A close up of the stitches.  The yarn is fabulous and from Hobby Lobby.  I love their Yarn Bee and Baby Bee yarn lines.  I have been to boutique yarn stores but really have a hard time paying boutique prices.

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  1. Beautiful crochet! Kudos to you for working hard to take care of yourself. Keep up the good work.